PM Synth Arsenal ALP

PM Synth Arsenal ALP

PM Synth Arsenal

Synth Arsenal ALP | 487 MB

Mark the Release MAGNETRiXX 10 NOVEMBER 2012

Puremagnetik announce their arrival to the S2S fold with a sterling collection of synth multisamples and custom-built Ableton effects racks for a host of classic synths, all with near limitless programming potential.

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Made up of samples and presets from their B-System, Phazeform Vol 1&2 and Opus Micropak collections, Synth Arsenal has got all your synthesis needs covered: from rich detailed leads and basses from the Buchla, lush string, brass and organ sounds from the Moog Opus 3 and gritty, lo-fi sonics from the Casio CZ-1, SK-1 and VL-Tone.

The collection is divided into three folders of Moog, Casio and Buchla, each with a selection of 5-8 dedicated Instrument Racks designed to bring these classic synths to life.

These expertly crafted Instrument Racks come loaded with extensive Macro mapping for even more creative possibilities and ease sound tweaking.

The Moog folder Super material included 6 Racks which cover the Opus’ twisting, evolving textures, analog techno basses, sci-fi sonics and more.

The Opus sounds represented as perfect for synth brass and string sections and their rich analog texture fits seamlessly into HOUSE , tech, ELECTRO and PROGRESSIVE productions.

The Buchla folder Super material included 5 Racks of richly programmed lead and bass content sourced from an original Buchla 200e modular synthesiser played by Richard Lainhart. Again its custom-built rack comes advanced Macro controls.

The Casio folder Super material included 8 Racks of lo-fi, kitsch sounds made famous by their phrase distortion units.

Synth Arsenal-B System Bass Leads Demo

Synth Arsenal-B System Perc Demo

Synth Arsenal-Moog Opus Demo

Synth Arsenal-Casio Demo

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