PL Chopper FX

PL Chopper FX WAV SAMPLES | 306 MB

Need some new FX to get your sound off the ground? Grab a slice of the action with “Chopper FX”, the razor sharp sample super package fresh from audio masters PL! This selection of severed sounds guarantees to add instant intensity to your mix, delivering an eccentric anthology of sliced-up atmospheres that is the ideal tool to get your tracks airborne across virtually any genre!

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Drop the chops from a selection of 120 studio-crafted files arranged across 6 folders:

– Throw down fragmented foundations with “Beat Chops”
– Formulate a fractured framework with “Construction Chops”
– Raise the roof with “Elevating Chops”
– Weave fresh frequencies with “Gliding Chops”
– Throw in some fresh angles with “Rotor Spectrum”
– Raise the bass with “Rotor Bass”

Taking influence from a wide range of sources, from Walter Murch’s ground-breaking sound work for the film “Apocalypse Now” to modern DUBSTEP FX mayhem, this super package is designed to spice up your breaks and slice up your choruses! Primarily built around 120BPM but extending up to 145, these turbulent sounds come ready-made for a wide range of genres but you can always stretch your favourite loops to whatever speed you desire!

As you can expect with every renowned PL sound library, all 320MB of “Chopper FX” comes to you pre-formatted for all major music hard and software – simply drag and drop to get things flying! Delivered in stunning 24-bit quality and totally free from royalty and sample clearance hassle, this super package will please upcoming music makers as well as the multitude of big names who already wisely favour PL products (check out the community page for recommendations from some pretty big hitters).

So climb aboard and hold on tight whilst “Chopper FX” elevates your mix to soaring status! Chop’n’roll all night with this sample library, cracked, warped, mastered and manipulated by PL exclusively for your euphonic pleasure!

Download PL Chopper FX WAV SAMPLES

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