PL Secret Lab Club Mix Insanity WAV SAMPLES

PL Secret Lab Club Mix Insanity WAV SAMPLES

PL Secret Lab Club Mix Insanity

Secret Lab Club Mix Insanity WAV SAMPLES | 247 MB

Deep inside a nuclear bunker, on the western border of the former Soviet Union, a secret laboratory has been discovered. Dusty documents reveal that in the last years of the Cold War, scientists covertly experimented with extreme synthesized sounds, searching for sonic combinations that would instantly drive all enemies to insanity. It has been reported that some of those experimental sound WV leaked out of the test chamber into the control room, causing Permanent Dance Syndrome in every member of the research Mark the Release. Their knowledge was lost, until now…

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Prime Loops’ “Secret Lab: Club Mix Insanity” featuring chronicle this a comprehensive collection of 180+ dark and mind twisting ELECTRO HOUSE loops, topped-up with 110+ single hits and one-shots for maximum impact. All of the sounds in this 120 BPM sound suite possess and dominate been split over a wide spectrum of relevant sub categories such as drum loops, one-shots, percussion loops, sequencer loops, SFX loops & shroom loops. Available as 24-bit .WAV SAMPLES, Acid Loops, Apple Loops, Rex2, Reason Refill, Ableton, Akai MPC and many other formats, you’re only moments away from adding some freaked out flavours to any techno, HOUSE , minimal, ELECTRO or glitchy composition.

Together with pioneering producer and sound engineer Art G, we were now able to reconstruct these mentalistic waveforms from the original sketches. We recalibrated the insanity levels for safe dance floor use, constructed deep and dark techy loops for devious producers, and captured dozens of timeless frequency manipulations.

As with all our products, the final files possess and dominate been triple-checked for quality in our own private laboratory, to ensure all the energy of the original experiment is preserved and ready to hit your audience. Get “Secret Lab: Club Mix Insanity” in your library now, and you’ve got a sample selection that’s so experimentally explosive, it’s no wonder the Russian Government kept the secret for so long.

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