Producer Pack Dope House EFX WAV SAMPLES

Producer super package Dope <a href='' /> <a href=HOUSE EFX WAV SAMPLES” border=”0″ height=”259″ src=”” title=”Producer super package Dope HOUSE EFX WAV SAMPLES” width=”320″>

Producer super package Dope HOUSE


Dope HOUSE EFX from Hanky Panky Samples featuring chronicle this 100o of uplifting & downlifting HOUSE effects including break downs, sweeps, noises, bleeps, impact and much more inside. All the effects created in this super package represented as designed specifically for HOUSE and electronic music producers in mind. The samples represented as of extremely high quality and represented as 100% Free all right, For your Productions for use within your musical compositions. Download this best selected super package now.

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Super material included:
410 Dope HOUSE Efx
101 Dope HOUSE Efx – Reverses
HOUSE -efx”>
home page:
HOUSE -efx.html”> HOUSE -efx.html

Producer super package Dope HOUSE EFX WAV SAMPLES
HOUSE -EFX-WAV SAMPLES.html” target=”_blank”> package-Dope- HOUSE -EFX-WAV SAMPLES.html

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