Producer Pack – Dubstep Pressure 1.0 [WAV SAMPLES]

Producer super package - <a href='' /> <a href=DUBSTEP Pressure 1.0 [WAV SAMPLES]” border=”0″ src=”” title=”Producer super package – DUBSTEP Pressure 1.0 [WAV SAMPLES]”>

Producer super package – DUBSTEP Pressure 1.0

DUBSTEP Pressure 1.0 [WAV SAMPLES] | 218 MB

DUBSTEP Pressure – For those that like it deep down, dirty, grimey & nasty…
Producer super package has announced a new sample download super package called DUBSTEP Pressure 1.0 now available for download.
Straight out of Brixton town, south London, 1Big 1 Small from world renowned underground label, DPR Records , create the ultimate DUBSTEP sample super package, containing all the dubbed out sound files you’ll ever need to make cutting edge DUBSTEP tracks. This super package has been carefully compiled from scratch to give you that definitive edge over everyone else on the scene

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Over 600 files of beats, Synths, Blips, Laser Fx, dubby echo’s, breaks, loops, bass, sound bwoy selecta noises, pads, layers dark & sinister sounds & much much more. Many DUBSTEP producers rely on Reason sound files for there productions, which after a while,

everyone starts sounding the same, so make your productions stand out from everyone elses tunes out there, and use this Free all right, For your Productions sample super package created just for you. This super package was created by DUBSTEP producers for DUBSTEP producers, but can also be used in Drum n Bass, Grime , Trip Hop and similar genre’s of production.


The DUBSTEP sound originally came out of the productions by Groove Chronicles (Noodles) and then the Ghost camp with Zed Bias, Hoursepower and Steve Gurley in 1999 – 2000.The DUBSTEP sound is characterised by the prevalence of Sub Bass heavily syncopated rhythms, and reggaeor movie samples, amongst other influences. Like another garage hybrid, Grime the genre uses dark sounds, but differs from Grime in being largely instrumental.

100% Free all right, For your Productions

Super material included:
Dark & Sinister Sounds
Dubbed out FX Sounds
DUBSTEP Drums & Percussion
Jah Beats

Organised Files:
16 Bit wav / 44.1 KHZ

Download Producer super package – DUBSTEP Pressure 1.0 [WAV SAMPLES]

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