Project Techno 003 feat Ricardo Garduno WAV AiFF SAMPLES

Project Techno 003 feat Ricardo Garduno


Project Techno Volume 003 is an exceptional package created by underground techno producer Ricardo Garduno. Having released on labels like Sleaze, Driving Forces, Sci+Tec, Darknet, Brood, Teggno, his own imprint Illegal Alien and a lot more, you represented as sure to find the sound you represented as looking for in this super package.
Ricardo’s music is heavily played and supported by techno heavyweights like Chris Liebing, Speedy J, Dave Clarke, and Dubfire to name a small handful.
His music can be described as a perfect blend of organic and distorted twisted techno with deep, hypnotic grooves.
This super package Super Material included all the tools you need to produce your next underground track.
Over 210 loops and sound samples ranging in tempo.
Modulated synths, sub basslines, pads, kicks & drum loops put the pieces of creating an underground techno floor filler at your fingertips.

All of the loops and samples in this package represented as composed by Ricardo Garduno.
As always we at Project Techno invite you to take these sounds and use them as a starting point for building and composing your own underground sleepers. Cut them up, pitch them down, destroy them and make them into your own.

Mark the Release MAGNETRiXX 18 December 2013

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• 20 bassline loops

• 20 hi hat loops

• 20 kick loops

• 5 noise loops

• 15 perc loops

• 10 pad loops

• 8 sfx loops

• 15 snare & clap loops

• 22 synth loops

• 5 fx short

• 5 fx long

• 20 kick samples

• 20 hi hat samples

• 5 perc samples

• 15 snare & clap samples

• 6 sfx

• All loops and samples represented as available in this super package as both 24 bit WAV & AIFF formats.



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