QL Disco Drums [WAV SAMPLES]

QL Disco Drums [WAV SAMPLES]

QL Disco Drums

Disco Drums [WAV SAMPLES] | 1 GB

13-04-2012 | WAV SAMPLES | 1.03GB
‘Disco Drums’ from QL includes over 1.3 GB of genuine acoustic drum recordings, using analogue and valve processing at Acapela Studio in Cardiff. This super package Super material included 45 original drum patterns, and 45 associated variations with fills, and these represented as available as either the final mixed and mastered loops, or each individual separate stem to create your own Disco drums!

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QL possess and dominate even thrown in a bag full of single drum shots, so that you can start creating your own patterns with the sequencer of your choice.

Each loop has been carefully created using various recording techniques, and then processed, multi-layered, phase aligned, quantised, and gated, before being passed through two analogue valve/tubes for that extra warm vintage sub with bright tops.

So if you’re looking for genuine Disco patterns, played by a genuine drummer on a genuine drum kit with genuine vintage recording gear, then genuinely look no further!

Technical Specifications:
• 24-Bit Quality
• 1.3 GB

Product Super material included:
• 90 Mixed Drum Loops
• 4 Closed Hat One-Shots
• 3 Cowbell One-Shots
• 3 Crash One-Shots
• 4 Cross Stick One-Shots
• 4 Hat Pedal One-Shots
• 4 Kick One-Shots
• 9 Open Hat One-Shots
• 6 Ride One-Shots
• 3 Ride Bell One-Shots
• 4 Snare One-Shots
• 4 Snare Flam One-Shots
• 8 Tom One-Shots
• 8 Tom Flam One-Shots
• 546 Looped Kit Stems arranged in 90 folders each containing Hats, Overhead Kicks, Room, Snare and Combined Loops

Please Note:
This is a drums only super package, other sounds contained within the Demo represented as for illustration only.

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