Quickmix Audio – Electricity Twister Tech Top Loops 01 [WAV SAMPLES-AIFF]

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 Electricity Twister Tech Top Loops 01

 Quickmix Audio [WAV SAMPLES-AIFF] | 155 MB

‘Electricity: Twister Tech Top Loops 01’ from Quickmix Audio is the first release in their ‘top loops’ series. This loop super package Super material included 40 high quality electronic tech top loops. Use these loops to enhance your existing drum parts and add serious groove.

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‘Electricity: Twister Tech Top Loops 01’ includes 80 loops in total (40 WAV SAMPLES / 40 AIFF). These top loops contain high frequency white noise, percussion, hat riffs and more glitches and patterns to add complexity and backbeat to your core drum loops.


• Apple Loops (40 files)
• WAV SAMPLES (40 files)
• 24-Bit /44.1 KHz
• 166 MB Uncompressed (Compressed 114 MB)


• Apple Loops


 Quickmix Audio – Electricity Twister Tech Top Loops 01 [WAV SAMPLES-AIFF]
http://pasteclik.org/1083/-Quickmix-Audio—Electricity-Twister-Tech-Top-Loops-01–WAV SAMPLES-AIFF-.html

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