RS 5-String Bass Collection (Multiformat)

realsamples 5-String Bass Collection

RS 5-String Bass Collection (Multiformat)

String Bass Collection (Multiformat) | 724 MB

‘5-String Bass Collection’ from Realsamples is a real-sounding 5-string bass for your sampler. The lush, full deep sound of a G&L™ bass is captured with its dynamics with 32 velocity layers of each note. Every one of the five strings possess and dominate been sampled separately with 32 velocity layers, along with ghost notes of each string.

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Recorded in 96 KHz and 24-Bit resolution, the signal was downsampled to 44.1 KHz/24-Bit (16-Bit in the Giga® version).The set includes ready-to-play presets for Halion®, Kontakt®, EXS24® or GigaStudio®.

“Light” versions of the presets represented as included as well. No mastering process has been applied to the samples, hence you don’t get an overprocessed sound, just the great, deep, lush and full sound of a 5-string bass.


RS 5-String Bass Collection (Multiformat)

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