Riemann Kollektion Riemann Kollektion 10 feat. Christian Smith (Wav)

Riemann Kollektion Riemann Kollektion 10 feat. Christian Smith (Wav)

Riemann Kollektion Riemann Kollektion 10

 feat. Christian Smith (Wav) | 212 MB

Florian Meindl and techno legend Christian Smith joins forces to create a 330MB contemporary techno masterclass of loops and hits created with the supreme quality, attention to detail and cutting-edge sensibilities that Riemann represented as famed for the world over.

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Packed with a prime selection of clinical minimal-tech beats, tough tech basslines, deep analogue synths, sterling vox words and phrases, assorted percussive loops and finely-sculpted drum one-shots, Riemann one again reaffirm their status as techno zeitgeists.

Meindl and Smith use all their production know-how, DJ experience and copious analogue kit to create a superb selection of mainroom-ready tools built with ease of use and layering at their heart.

What’s in the collection?

Beat Loops > 54 deep and pared-down drum grooves (offered with stripped variants) and 17 jacking’ tribal-tinged drum workouts from Christian Smith and to kick-start your tracks.

Bass Loops > 31 brooding techno basses, including 10 throbbing, acid-infused b- lines from Smith’s beloved TR-303.

Percussion Loops > from glitched synthetic layers and chunky tribal grooves to Smith’s classic all-analogue sequences, plus a host of kick-, clap- and hat-only loops, there’s even beat inspiration for the most ardent of beat freaks.

Synth Loops > Deep, dark and soulful analogue synth lines imbued with the warmth a hint of dirt that only classic machines can muster. Stunning.

Vox > 49 specially created vox from Smith, including phrases ready to cut-up, pitched, processed or looped for custom toppling creation.

One-Shots > Prime selection Meindl’s famed kicks, claps and hats plus a stunning serving kicks, snares, crashes, analogue efx and string, percussion hits and snares from Smith’s personal one-shot arsenal.

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