Router Productions Dark Warehouse Techno WAV SAMPLES

Router Productions Dark Warehouse Techno


Gutcrushing, raw, volatile loops and stems that will beef your techno productions to their fullest.
Tactile and malevolent, this pack of crude, stolid, drum loops, basslines, and erstwhile dark percussion rhythms will guide you as you pursue to construct some of the most obscene obliterating, unearthly, cavernous techno, to be played out through the biggest systems, in the world’s best techno nightclubs.

Put together by some of the scene’s leading producers and most experienced techno heads, Dark Warehouse Sounds is the end result of years of malevolent production.

Team MAGNETRiXX | 07 March 2014 | 420 MB

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• 50 basslooops

• 50 chord and pad loops

• 10 drone and atmospheric samples

• 40 hat and shakes

• 25 kick loops

• 55 percussion loops

• 25 snare and clap loops

• 50 synth and melody loops

• 30 vocal loops



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