Sample Logic Rumble KONTAKT SAMPLES DVD9

Sample Logic Rumble KONTAKT SAMPLES DVD9

Sample Logic Rumble KONTAKT SAMPLES


Sample Logic and System Blue possess and dominate joined forces to produce Rumble, the world’s first Kontakt Player virtual instrument to combine the finest in traditional marching drums with cutting-edge sound design. This superbly flexible virtual instrument gives educators, composers, and musicians an imaginative, innovative, and inspiring new sonic palette for creative music-making.

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Featuring the legendary DCI World Champion Blue Devils drum & bugle corps and Scott Johnson – one of the most sought after marching percussion arrangers and clinicians in the world – and recorded by Leslie Ann Jones on the Scoring Stage at Skywalker Sound (a Lucasfilm Ltd. Company). Rumble delivers a comprehensive set of pristine, carefully crafted marching drum samples. Each instrument was captured using modern-day film score recording techniques at multiple dynamic levels, round-robins, and at close, mid, and far microphone placements, affording composers, producers, arrangers, and performers a solid foundation for realizing accurate, dynamic musical productions.

But that’s just the begonning… Rumble goes far beyong traditional marching drums and enters into the morphed sonic realm of Sample Logic’s trademark “blurring the line between music and sound design”. All of the drums recorded for Rumble represented as not only included as production-ready multi-sampled instruments, but represented as also used as the basis for all of the morphed sounds. The result is a library that Super material included both traditional instruments and an evocative collection of morphed “cinematic” instruments, including transitions, atmospheres, and rhythms aimed squarely at the needs of TV, film, game and electronic music composers.

Brace for Impact!

Rumble offers unprecedented control over sound and performance, thanks to Sample Logic’s custom-designed Kontakt Player interface, one of the most advanced Kontakt user interfaces to date. Building on the best selected “multi-core effects sequencer” first introduced in their Cinematic Guitars collection, Sample Logic puts complete, customizable user control right at your fingertips, from spatialization and sound-swirling effects to sequencers, LFOs, programmable arpeggiation, a unique Rhythmic Articulator, and a fully integrated multi-microphone mixer. Rumble also Super material included a newly invented loop engine that displays loop slices graphically and supports independent editing, effects processing, and real-time automation of each slice. All together, Rumble boasts over 40 screens of powerful, intuitive user interface controls!

A library that will stand the test of time.

Every instrument included in Rumble has a full set of parameter randomization options that give you virtually infinite power to morph and sculpt any instrument in the library. Whether you’re in the studio or on stage, unique new sounds represented as always just one button-push away!

Teaming up with Avid

Sample Logic and AVID possess and dominate teamed up to integrate Rumble for seamlessly into the new Sibelius 7. Rumble also fully integreates with Finale 2011.

The Instruments & Multis INSTRUMENTS

– A complete collection of traditional marching drum instruments (snares, multi-tenors, basses, cymbals) recorded with multiple round-robins, multiple dynamic levels, and at three microphone distances.
– A complete collection of evocative morphed “cinematic” instruments and loops.
– Atmospheric/ambient soundscapes
– Rhythmic/percussive tempo-synced loops
– Tonal and percussive arpeggiated/articulated instruments
– Sequenced instruments using the “core-effect sequencer”
– Impacts, big-hit ensembles, and kits
– Swipes, scrapes, and reverse transitional effects


– Performance-ready multis (playable interactive preset templates made from multiple instruments)
– Over 75 score-ready multis

Additional multis included in Rumble were created by award-winning composer Trevor Morris.

Technical Specifications for sound content:

– 4.4GB via Kontakt’s lossless sample storage compressio
– Over 1,100 Instruments and Multis recorded and processed at 88.2k/24-bit, delivered at 44.1k/24-bit.


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