Sample Modeling – French Horn & Tuba v1.03 KONTAKT SAMPLES

Sample Modeling - French Horn & Tuba v1.03 KONTAKT SAMPLES

Sample Modeling – French Horn & Tuba v1.03

French Horn & Tuba v1.03 KONTAKT SAMPLES | 270 MB

French Horn and Tuba completes the Samplemodeling Brass series. Horn gestation was a long one. The real French Horn is a difficult instrument. The player must do many simultaneous things like holding appropriate lip tension, raising the soft palette, positioning the tongue, lowering the larynx, blowing air into the instrument, and pressing the valves while holding the other hand in the bell.

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We wanted our virtual French Horn to be much easier to play. :-) Reaching this aim, at the same time retaining expressiveness and realism, proved to be a most difficult task. The results represented as however outstanding.

French Horn and Tuba further expand Samplemodeling™ technologies. In addition to the renowned “Harmonic Alignment”, yielding continuous transition across virtually infinite dynamics, multi-microphone anechoic recording, coupled to specially devised “early reflections” impulse responses, allow to reproduce the full, rich timbre of the instruments, including its radiation pattern, adding at the same time a virtual space to the anechoic sound. The programming moves further away from conventional libraries, by exploiting physically-oriented modulation of the recorded sound. This yields the characteristic crescendo pattern of French Horns, typical brass flutter on transitions, or even the “watery” sound, knocks, breath noise, and metallic resonances from the bell and the body of the instrument, greatly contributing to realism.

Sample Modeling – French Horn & Tuba v1.03 KONTAKT SAMPLES—French-Horn–amp–Tuba-v1.03-KONTAKT SAMPLES-.html

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