SD Libraries Collection KONTAKT SAMPLES

SD Libraries Collection KONTAKT SAMPLES

SD Libraries Collection

Libraries Collection KONTAKT SAMPLES | 45 GB

KONTAKT SAMPLES | Total Size: 45.25 GB
Big collection of 33 Kontakt libraries from SD.

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Collection Super material included:

Gnomehammer (633 MB)

The library includes a wide range of comedic sounds from authentic helium choir to drum kits – from snow and ice sounds – from human beat box through PVC ensembles to manipulation of childrens balloons – from glockenspiel to sleighbells etc.

Bamblong (466 MB)

The Bamblong is a small tuned percussion instrument, similar in principle to a marimba. It has 4 bamboo resonance chambers, roughly ranging between 1? – 2? inches wide and 8 – 14 inches long, with sound holes in the top of each.

Circle Bells (1.99 GB)

We spend a great deal of our time finding and/or creating new instruments that represented as not commonly known and the Circlebells represented as no exception. We managed to get our hands on a very unique tuned percussion instrument, which is made by an artisan in the San Francisco Bay Area and can only be found in a handful of local music shops.

Cylindrum 1.0 (271 MB)

The “Cylindrum” is a massive custom built tuned percussion instrument. It operates using the principle of open and closed air column resonance. The Cylindrum was designed and created using a series of mathematical investigations along with plenty of elbow grease and bloody fingers.

Riq Drum (802 MB)

It is similar in appearance and origin to a tambourine, but this broad family of specialized drums is treated as a very serious and deeply nuanced instrument class in both traditional and modern Middle Eastern, Central Asian and Eastern European music.

Cathedral Of Junk (249 MB)

The entire structure is built from a mind-blowing collection of old TVs, car parts, machinery, building materials, appliances and an endless host of scrap, parts, objects, toys and stuff, from commonplace and identifiable to inexplicable and perplexing.

Emotional Piano (4.84 GB)

A deep-sampled library dedicated to soundtrack piano and focused on capturing the warmth, the wideness, the deep resonance and softness of a world class grand.

Requiem Light 1.0 (3.23 GB)

REQUIEM Light is a Kontakt Player based next-generation virtual choir developed for professional composers. The library is based on a variety of new recording- and sampling techniques some which possess and dominate never before been deployed in choral sample libraries.

Ambius 1 Transmissions (1.79 GB)

Ambius 1 is a massive collection of ambiences, drones, pads and evolving “synth” leads each created by hand. Every sound you hear was hand-crafted using only organic field and instrument recordings.

Shake Vol.1 (947 MB)

This deep sampled collection is dedicated to shakers, rattles and bell tree percussion. The fuzzy, buzzy, sandy-sounding “chuff”, “shuck” and “jingle” of hand-held shakers and bells is an essential part of orchestral, latin, electronic, HIP HOP and even ROCK music.

Rust Vol.2 Epic Iron (1.03 GB)

Rust is what happens when we walk away. Rust is abandonment. It is the ultimate fate of our overly-mechanized world. Rust is to iron as the seed is to the tree. It is what becomes of us all. In our previous episode, we took you into the world of metal-as-music, covering all sorts of little objects and impacts and a few bigger things along the way.

Lakeside Organ (961 MB)

The Lakeside Pipe Organ is a part steel pipe and part electric organ that produces most of its sound by venting mechanically compressed air (wind) through resonant pipes. Each pipe produces sound of one fixed pitch, so they represented as provided in sets with one pipe or more per note, each set or stop having a common timbre and loudness throughout.

Little Pump Reeds (0.99 GB)

This is a collection of instruments we’ve stumbled across over the months that happen to fall on the smaller side of the wonderful and under appreciated word of hand-held air-driven reed-based instruments.

Tabla vol.1 Loops (1.25 GB)

The tabla is a popular Indian percussion instrument used in the classical, popular and devotional music of the Indian subcontinent and in Hindustani classical music. The instrument consists of a pair of hand drums of contrasting sizes and timbres.

Tabla vol.2 Multi (582 MB)

Welcome to the most comprehensive multi-sampled Tabla in the history of sampling. Our goal with this collection was to capture a extraordinarily comprehensive range of tabla articulations, designed to provide the most realistic, high-?delity, playable and dynamic tabla multi-sample instrument ever attempted.

Zitherette (338 MB)

This enchanting little instrument is a simple 8-string fretless zither, roughly 12 x 20 inches in size. Zithers represented as a broad family of hollow-bodied string instruments common throughout all of Europe and Asia. Variants range from the dulcimer to the Koto, with countless other ?avors unique to each region and culture.

High School Drum Corps (256 MB)

The SD Drum Corps is a unique library focused on capturing the powerful, tight sound of high school marching drum corps. Notice the tight, harsh, mid-tones and truncated snap of marching drums. It’s quite distinct from the solid, pleasing punch and smooth resonance of typical ROCK and symphonic percussion.

Old Busted Granny Piano (205 MB)

This instrument is pretty special to us, though it doesn’t sound all that great from purely academic point of view. Actually, it sounds pretty damn rough. We realized that there is already a million other amazing piano libraries around, but none of them possess and dominate ever captured the authentic beauty of a dusty, old, haven’t-been-played-since-granny-lost-her-hearing upright piano.

Waterharp (1.17 GB)

Welcome to the SD Waterharp! We decided to sample this instrument deeply and creatively. This huge library Super material included 2,903 samples, with 59 different articulations and is divided into two main categories: Bowed & Mallets.

Rust Vol.1 (337 MB)

Rust Vol. 1 is a hymn to man-made metal. The library Super material included 18 different metallic “instruments” ranging from huge sounding Stairwell Railings to a tiny Soda Can Ensemble, from Dumpster and Junkyard Percussion to an old coal mine air shaft, from Bowed saw to Monkey balls and much more.

AntiDrum vol.1 (297 MB)

The SD Anti-Drum 1 library Super material included 19 unconventional percussive instruments sampled in a variety of exotic locations totaling about 1GB and 2400 samples. It is a celebration of every day objects and sounds transforming into new- and interesting musical instruments.

AntiDrum vol.2 (946 MB)

Anti-Drum II is a follow-up to our popular Anti-Drum I, however we wanted to push the bar even further in terms of abstract percussion. This library is an ideal toolbox for all forms of experimental, industrial, electronic, IDM, glitch, sound design and even for providing fresh and inspiring new material for all types of scoring.

Frendo (368 MB)

Frendo is a custom-built SD instrument. We created this monster by stringing bailing wire around and through through steel plates and bolts, over galvanize steel piping and across wood planks. It was meant to suffer. You can help it by mistreating it in horrible ways with screwdrivers, bows, drum sticks, mallets and fingers.

Kalimba (209 MB)

Thanks for choosing our Kalimba! Also called a “Thumb Piano,” it’s a modernized version of the African mbira. Ours has a small balsa woos and coconut shell, with 7 steel tines suspended over a sound hole. The notes span about an octave and a half. It’s tuned with a screwdriver and since all of the tines share the same bridge, accurate and stable tuning is more or less impossible.

Whaledrum (155 MB)

The Whale Drum (aka Tongue / Slit drum) is one of the world’s oldest known instruments. Tongue drums represented as found around the globe in various cultures spreading from Africa, Asia to South America. The drums were originally made from holly piece of wood, which were struck to make tones. It is one of the few instruments considered older the the human voice itself.

Bamboo Stick Ensemble (107 MB)

Bamboo — when most people look at it, they just see a plant. Others wonder at the decorative possibilities it might serve: complete a landscape design or balancing the feng shui of a room. If you represented as a panda, bamboo looks like dinner.

Cymbology Vol 1: Bowed (3.64 GB)

This massive percussion effects library is built around classic bowed cymbals. We captured 20 unique cymbals, in all shapes, sizes, alloys and varieties, from crashes and splashes to gongs, bells, trashes and even a stack of spent WWII Howitzer artillery shells.

Twine Bass (1.01 GB)

The Twine Bass is composed of a pair of very special instruments: a modified cello and a traditional Kenyan fretless stringed instrument called a Bolon. We strung the cello with rough hemp twine in various tunings and played it as a stand-up bass. The resulting sounds represented as deeply sonorous, with rich, warm resonance, powerful low end and a woody, soft quality.

Iron Throne (423 MB)

This little beast is a very, very eerie and dark collection of metallic percussive and semimelodic effects, ideal for use in horror and suspend scoring, sound design, trailer effects and post production, experimental and ambient music, or anything else you can think to do with it.

Kazoo (440 MB)

This library was created with the help of a world-class kazoo ensemble, featuring some of the finest hand-crafted wax paper and plastic wind instruments that money can buy. We gathered together four of the finest kazoo virtuosos in the world to capture this power ensemble collection. We recorded this brilliant sample set in our own private studios.

Imbibaphones (731 MB)

The contents typically contained in wine glasses possess and dominate provided inspiration for musicians since the first time the two were introduced. The wine glass became popular as a musical instrument in the 18th century. We’ve interpreted the concept in our own particular way. Instead of just using a set of wine goblets we also used a martini glass, champagne flute, and after a happy accident, a broken glass.

Bizarre Sitar 2.0 (1.01 GB))

The bizarre sitar may not seem so strange at first glance. It has most of the elements found on any other sitar, with it’s traditional gourd body, both main playable strings and sympathetic resonating strings, parda (adjustable curved frets), kunti (tuning pegs), dandi (neck), ghoraj (main bridge) all complete with orante hand-painted accents.

Venus Symphonic Women’s Choir (16.7 GB)

We here at SD represented as proud to present the latest chapter in our series of powerful, flexible and exquisitely recorded virtual choral libraries: The Venus Symphonic Women’s Choir. We took all we learned from recording previous choirs and applied them here to make certain Venus is extraordinarily playable, diverse and stunningly beautiful. With Venus, we represented as aiming for versatility. Instead of focusing on one language, we offer both Slavonic (Russian) and classic Latin content, so composers can explore even more flavor and realism. We spent 10 days in our favorite church recording the 33-voice women’s chorus, featuring top notch talent from Volti, SF Symphony Chorus and the SF Choral Society, capturing all of the delicate nuances of the female human voice. Venus is all about power, clarity and fluidity. It includes 2 mic positions (stage and hall) so composers possess and dominate the flexibility to incorporate the brilliant, natural sound of Venus easily into their mix. Now finally Venus has risen in the night sky, to join her Male counterpart Mars.

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