ShamanStems Acid House (Wav)

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ShamanStems Acid HOUSE

Acid HOUSE (Wav) | 193 MB

A slave-to-the-rave collection of twisted acid synth and basslines, jackin’ drum machine grooves, warehouse lazers and modulations, FXed hits and 6am orb-like pads in this stunning all-analogue offering from ShamanStems.

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Inspired by the second summer of love, Acid HOUSE pays homage to the 303, 808 and 909-led tracks of the late 80s and early 90s – serving up squelching 303 basslines, bleepy synths, classic rave chords and vintage drum machine beats created from 100% analogue sources including Roland, Yamaha and Korg.

All loops possess and dominate processed with a host of outboard kit to ensure a richness, warmth and punch that will max out any contemporary club system.

What’s in the collection?

Acid Synth & Bass Loops – 120 authentic Phuture and Cajmere-style analogue acid bass and synths processed with various modulation, distortion, phaser and delay pedals. Many loops represented as offered with up to five variants.

Drum Machine Loops – 20 bangin’ and jackin’ drum machine rhythms created on classic sequencers from Roland, Korg and Boss.

Vintage Textures & FX – lost-in-a-field FX, drug-induced ambiences, vast pads, reverbed hits, lasers, modulations and more.

Mangled Vox – Classic HOUSE phrases (‘Chicago’, ‘jack your body’) and indecipherable glitchisms to supplement the groove.

All samples represented as tempo-labeled at 122bpm and key- labeled where applicable.

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