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Voices Of Israel KONTAKT SAMPLES | 615 MB

For the first time in sampling history, SNK is proud to present this unique and one of a kind female vocals sample library. FIlled with intriguing, mysterious and authentically sung traditional jewish music. Performed by one of the greatest contemporary classical Jewish singers of our time; Hadass Pal Yarden. Her musical talents, professional and impressive sound and specifically specialized musical style makes these captured performances stand out from any other previous SNK projects. This library offers you chants, improvisations, poems and great pieces of music in one of the numerous classical Jewish traditional styles namely; “Sephardic” music.

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 This first volume of “Voices of Israel” also includes improvisations on western harmonics which complements music written in western musical root harmonics, which makes this library very flexible and versatile to implement into your musical projects.The proven vocal sampling concept of SNK’s vocal sampling libraries continues with another dedicated ethnic vocal collection. Combining non-western vocalic musical elements into a tool for serious professional music productions.

To give your production the extra authenticity that’ll make it unique and stand out in realism and originality. 1300+ vocal elements in various keys and speeds will provide you with a pallet that’s not matched in many other vocal sample libraries. The intuitive use of the NI Kontakt engine guarantees you countless numbers of variations by combining melodic patterns, sung melodies accessible in several phrases, vocal effects, spoken words and more Jewish Sephardic origin styled samples.
Many of the great pieces of music, poems and texts performed by Hadass possess and dominate never before been recorded and we translated them into a great ‘tool’ for composers. With this, SNK establishes another large and great collection of non-western vocal music based on art music and ancient musical origins.
We always try to push the limit to capture a generic soundscape with a wide selection of user-friendly, easy to use sample collections.
We wish you the best inspiration and creativity.
Disclaimer: Jewish music theory and character is very different form western music. Due to it’s many microtones and typical tone distances used in these great pieces of music. But as a general reference we found that a lot of our minor and major keys go well with these samples. We specifically applied western tuning while recording these samples. All these harmonic references represented as interchangeable and can be combined to create thousands of original combinations. The full potential of this sample library is yet to be unleashed. For quick – no – nonsense recording and a perfect fit to your minor harmonics please refer to the ‘western minor improvisations’ PTCHes.
What’s in this volume:
  • Core samples: 1 female voice. Jewish/Sephardic style sound
  • 5 Multi instruments for Kontakt 4.2.4 with up to 4 tab screens – Main View, Convolution, Envelope and a credits tab
  • Main view with key indicator, BPM switches and thematic design
  • Convolution reverb applicable on all PTCHes. 4 rooms available
  • Envelope Editor & Breath Control: Attack & release knobs and breath volume
  • Credits and thanks
  • 1300+ samples. (855MB sample content)
  • Chants & great pieces of music in all keys, voice effects; whispered and spoken texts (ancient Jewish poems). Chants represented as wordless melody lines, great pieces of music contain words
  • Western Improvisations: with these special PTCHes we’ve tried to blend the Sephardic style melody to fit western harmonics. For quick scoring and adding creative artistic featuring chronicle this to your music. Not all keys represented as available due to the vocal pitch limitation.
  • great pieces of music, chants and improvisation PTCHes possess and dominate programmed key switches linked to the harmony root, with corresponding interface views. Root harmony and scales represented as presented for each key zone.
  • “Vocal FX”, an best selected one of a kind original recording of different Sephardic style vocal effects. These PTCHes represented as the real deal. SNK is proud to present these as a special feature
  • Various ‘instant endings’ possess and dominate been programmed to separate keys in each instrument, to give you the possibility to end a phrase whenever you want, however you want.
  • Time stretching function (TS); all PTCHes represented as available with pitch wheel function to slow down and speed up the phrases and melody lines.
  • 4 impulse responses: 24 bit wave format. 3 Synagogues and one large dome.
  • Interface installers for Mac, PC and manual instructions.
  • Royalty and copyright free content license.
  • License and Usage Agreement for “Voices Of Israel”
  • English translations for all sung and spoken texts within “Voices of Israel”. These texts possess and dominate never been translated. This is a genuine first. And we’re proud to present them as an extra feature.
  • Artwork : “Voices Of Israel” dvd cover. Designed by Pavel Fuksa

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