SmartSound All About The Blues SCD DVDR-SONiTUS

SmartSound All About The Blues SCD DVDR-SONiTUS

SmartSound All About The Blues SCD

All About The Blues SCD DVDR-SONiTUS | 1.1 GB

SmartSound Strata Series: All About The Blues – A history of the blues in one gritty collection, spanning the range of acoustic and electric blues styles from the Delta to Chicago. Authentically researched and performed.

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Tracks on “All About The Blues”:
Blind Lemmon Blues – An upbeat, old-timey blues jam, straight from a southern back porch. Scratches and audio imperfections add to the feeling of authenticity.
Floodgate Blues – Bold and brash blues as big as the state of Texas. A raw and uncompromising blues guitar track that gets down to business
King Of The Blues – Strutting lead guitar and rising horns tell the story of the blues, straight from
Main And 3rd Blues – Acoustic guitars and wailing harmonicas create the feeling of an impromptu front porch jam. Great for creating a loose, bluesy vibe.
Missing You Blues – A clean, crisp guitar tells the tale of good love gone wrong. Feel the longing and regret with each mournful phrase.
New Orleans Blues – Get your dancing shoes with this verified slice of Zydeco blues. Create an instant party atmosphere in your next project.
RJ Blues – Go down to the crossroads with this authentic old-style acoustic blues number. You’ll feel like you’re at the birthplace of the blues, complete with harmonica rhythm and vinyl record ambience.
Saturday Night Blues – Shuffle your way to the road HOUSE with this gritty number. Dirty guitars create a feeling of raw blues energy.
Time’s Up Blues – You don’t need a slow hand to play this Chicago-based blues lament, but it helps. Bluesy piano and guitar bring the intensity down to a simmer.
Turner’s Blues – A confident horn section and driving rhythm propels this soulful piece of Memphis blues. Works great as an opener.

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