SmartSound Tres Jolie SCD DVDR

 SmartSound Tres Jolie SCD DVDR

 SmartSound Tres Jolie SCD

 Tres Jolie SCD DVDR | 1.3 GB

Mark the Release SONiTUS | 07.2012 | 1.32GB
Swingin, romantic and evocative – perky violin and clarinet leads in a live band with acoustic guitars,accordion, bass and drums. Perfect for advertising, documentary and retrospective. Put abit of the gypsy into your next project.

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Tracks on “Tres Jolie”
A Little Smile
Bring a happy vibe to your project with this skippy number. Great for intros and opening credits. (more)

Breakfast With You
An upbeat hot-jazz track sure to brighten up the place. Take it for a spin in your next comedy. (more)

An easy-going Gypsy-jazz number, taking its sweet time and not in a hurry. A nice backdrop for folksy scenes. (more)

Down The Lane
A plucky, bouncy number with a generous smile. Make a light situation even lighter. (more)

Either Way
A slightly sneaky hot-jazz selection that can fit nicely into your next comedic sequence. (more)

Friends For A Day
A relaxing stroll on a sunny day. Nothing hurried going on here – just a sweet, folksy groove. featuring chronicle this accordion. (more)

It Was Just A Dream
A slow, dreamy number that brings to mind the romantic streets of Paris. Ideal for easy-going moments with a nostalgic angle. (more)

Just Browsing
Get a move on with this perky Gypsy-jazz offering. A nice, light and bouncy cue for what ails ya. (more)

Near To My Heart
A romantic, old-fashioned Latin piece – just right for those intimate scenes. (more)

Open For Business
This bouncy hot-jazz selection can really put a smile on your audience. A cheerful welcome that says ‘Come on in’.

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