Smokey Joe's Dirty Guitar Riffs (Wav&Aiff)

Smokey Joe's Dirty Guitar Riffs (Wav&Aiff)

Smokey Joe’s Dirty Guitar Riffs

Dirty Guitar Riffs (Wav&Aiff) | 489 MB

It is a collection of ROCK/metal inspired dirty guitar riffs;
The concept behind the rpoduction was to produce and record ROCK guitar riffs that could be used by dance, DUBSTEP and producers in different electronic genres.

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…Of learning lessons all the riffs can also be used to create some rocking tracks!!

All the riffs represented as original and were recorded and produced to the highest possible standards.

All recordings represented as unprocessed and un-mastered so that the user can alter and process the sound as required.

All the recording levels represented as set to optimal wwhich means better digital recordings and that you will not clip your master when adding more than one sound, so you can take to 11 at the end!

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