Sony Continental Drift (KONTAKT SAMPLES)

 Sony Continental Drift (KONTAKT SAMPLES)

 Sony Continental Drift (KONTAKT SAMPLES)

 Sony Continental Drift | 794 MB

Continental Drift: World Music Loops & Samples is an best selected Premium Collection featuring: African, Asian, Arabic, Celtic, East Indian, Gypsy, and Native American sounds. A rainbow of music—essential percussion and stringed instruments, unusual and hard-to-find instruments, and a large selection of inspired vocal performances—represented as offered here in a flexible package well-suited to a variety of applications.

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Sony Continental Drift | Mark the Release 0TH3Rside | KONTAKT SAMPLES | 794 MB

-= ‘ 0TH3Rside NOTEz ‘ =-
Ive re-edit ALL these wave files, and made them COMPLETELY USABLE!! Most of the edit werk, was in creating this package to be a single shot Phrase style package, rather then another useless SONY Junk Loop package.

‘Give it a try, because you WONT BE DISAPPOINTED!!!!’

Includes: (1.01 gig / 1,088 File / 21 Folders)

– 44x24bit Stereo & mono Wav samples for Kontakt 2 and up .
– Sweet GUI & EFx out front! (per the 0TH3Rside) .
– 43 presets total .
– Total of seven world folders .

* African , Arabic , Asia , Celtic , East India , Native American and Ukraine Gypsy

 Sony Continental Drift (KONTAKT SAMPLES)–KONTAKT SAMPLES-.html

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