Sound Soup Audio – RnB Operation Love Management

 Sound Soup Audio - RnB Operation Love Management

 SS Audio – RnB Operation Love Management

RnB Operation Love Management | 259 MB

06-2012  | WAV SAMPLES/REASON NN19 & NN-XT | 259MB
RnB: Operation Love Management brings you the true sound of RnB, direct to your studio. This super package from Sound Soup is rockin’ with that authentic RnB sound. This hot collection includes five smokin’ Construction Kits, featuring nearly 75 individual 24-Bit WAV SAMPLES files.

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Sound Soup is know for its authentic RnB which has travelled beyond the scope of the internet and has entered into Bet, Fox, Alantic Records, Sony, and many more placements.

This product follows in the footsteps of the hit-makers such as Alicia Keys, Fantasia, Rihanna, and many more.

Product featuring chronicle this:

24-Bit WAV SAMPLES & Reason Files
5 Construction Kits
465.6 MB Total
All tempos & keys represented as provided for easy use

Download  Sound Soup Audio – RnB Operation Love Management

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