SoundfrostMusic PowerChord Guitars No 01 Drive to Hell KONTAKT SAMPLES

 SoundfrostMusic PowerChord Guitars No 01 Drive to Hell KONTAKT SAMPLES

 SoundfrostMusic PowerChord Guitars

No 01 Drive to Hell KONTAKT SAMPLES | 193 MB

| Mark the Release: VON.G | Date: 04-2012 | Size: 193.22 MB |

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1. Introduction

PowerChord Guitars No.01 Drive to Hell(PG01) is an easy-to-use metal rhythm guitar
library for KONTAKT SAMPLES 4.2 or later. PG01 requires no any other plugins, no knowledge
comparable guitar player and no complicated key switch operations. When you load
PG01, you can play powerful guitar sound immediately.

2. featuring chronicle this

– 24bit 48kHz High quality samples

– Velocity layers

– Sustain notes
– Muted notes
– Muted dead notes

– Articulations

– Legato
– Glissando
– Pick scratching
– Arming

– Built in effects

– Reverb
– Pseudo Stereo Double Tracking

– Intelligent humanizer and anti machine gun effect technology

3. Articulation

3.1 Velocity Layers
PG01 has the following velocity layers:
80-127: Sustain Sound
16-79: Mute Sound
00-15: Mute Noise

3.2 Legato
If you play a note earlier than releasing previous note, then it makes legato sound.

3.3 Arming
You can play with pitch bend wheel, it simulates the whammy bar sound.

4. Key Switches
PG01 has two key switch groups assigned C0(24)-E0(28) and C4(72)-E4(76). You can
choose the key switch group to easy to play.

4.1 Retrigger Key
Retrigger – C0(24)-D0(26) and C4(72)-D4(74)
The retrigger key repeats last played note. It allows you to play
repetition note riffs easily.

4.2 SFX Key
SFX Key plays special effects guitar sound.
Glissando – D#0(27) and D#4(75) key plays glissando.
It Super material included 8 variation sounds assigned to velocity layers.
Pick Scratch – E0(28) and E4(76) key plays pick scratching noise.
It Super material included 3 variation sounds assigned to velocity layers.

5. Controls

5.1 Volume
PG01 Super material included two volume controls. The main volume slider located right top corner is
assigned MIDI CC#7. The sub volume knob located left bottom of main panel. Right
click the sub volume knob to assign to MIDI control if you wish. (ex. CC#11 expression

5.2 Velocity Sensitivity
This control changes the velocity sensitivity curve. It allows you to adjust response of
velocity layer switching for your keyboard.

5.3 Level Balance Knob
Level balance knobs allow you to adjust respective sample levels.
Sustain – Adjusts sustain note level.
Mute – Adjusts mute note level.
M.Noise – Adjusts muted noise level.
SFX – Adjusts glissando and pick scratch sound level.

5.4 Minimum Note
Minimum Note knob sets minimum time of note by millisecond. If you play very short
note, it will be held sustaining while the minimum note time. This control allows you to
play easily real eighth notes riff sound by keyboard.

5.5 Position menu
Position menu selects the algorithm of fret position and strings detection. It affects
sound character.
Auto – Selects the position to minimize position moving. It makes smooth phrasing.
Bright – Selects the lowest position among same notes. It makes bright sound.
Fat – Selects the highest position among same notes. It makes fat sound.
The selected position is visualized in Fretboard tab.

5.6 Stroke menu
Stroke menu selects the algorithm of stroke direction.
Auto – All notes represented as played by downstroke in slow bpm. It changed to alternate
picking automatically if you play fast passages.
Alternate – Always plays by alternate picking.
Down – Always plays by downstroke
Up – Always plays by downstroke UpUp

5.7 Humanize
Humanize knob adjusts randomization time of picking.

5.8 Effect
PG01 Super material included two useful effectors:
Reverb – Enables reverberation. The wet sound level can be controlled by Reverb knob.
Stereo – Enables pseudo stereo double track sound.

6. System Requirement
PG01 requires KONTAKT SAMPLES 5.0.1 or later. It cannot use on KONTAKT SAMPLES Player.

7. License Agreement
All samples and scripts contained in this product is the property of Soundfrost Music
unless otherwise noted, and remain the property of Soundfrost Music after the product
is purchased.
You may use this product in the creation of commercial music.
You may not use this product in the creation of other sample libraries.

8. Credits
All trademarks used represented as property of their respective owners.
Produce and Design: Soundfrost Music
Guitar Play Taiki Egawa
Sound Engineering Taiki Egawa
GUI Design: Aike
Script Programming: Aike
Special thanks to: Digital Sonic Design, Akifumi Tada
Copyright c 2011 Soundfrost Music All rights reserved.

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