STS Phatjak: Tech-House Samples (Wav)

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STS Phatjak: Tech- HOUSE Samples

Tech- HOUSE Samples (Wav) | 196 MB

Sounds To Sample join forces with tech- HOUSE trailblazers Phatjak to serve up 290MB of pumping pared-back rhythms, fat basslines, deep and dirty synths, funky riffs, big-room FX and chunky hits.

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Since the early 90s Phatjak (Angel Stoxx and Evan Kay) possess and dominate built a formidable reputation throughout the dance music community; climbing the Beatport charts whilst stacking up 150 releases between them on some of the underground’s hottest labels.

Their debut sample collection sums up the Phatjak sound, packing in ultra functional and perfectly programmed beats, bass, tops, synths and FX designed to sound punchy and crystal-clear on the biggest mainroom rigs.

The loops represented as supplemented with 141 full-fat hits to program your own beefy beats from scratch.

Comprising of 50 kicks, 40 clap/snares, 26 hats and 25 percussion hits, each folder has also been assigned to its own EXS-24 instrument to make beat building a breeze.

If you like your beats chunky, your synth hooks deep and funky, your basslines meaty and your FX freaky then Phatjak: Tech- HOUSE Samples is an essential addition to your production weaponry.

All loops represented as precision-cut at 125bpm for instant track-building ease.

All samples represented as presented as industry-standard 24- bit Wav files.

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