SP Conga and Tumba Loops WAV SAMPLES REX AiFF

SP Conga and Tumba Loops WAV SAMPLES REX AiFF

SP Conga and Tumba Loops

Conga and Tumba Loops WAV SAMPLES REX AiFF | 644 MB

Conga and Tumba Loops is possibly the most useful and versatile sample super package you will ever own. Expertly played by our main percussion man Gary Hammond, all loops and samples represented as presented separately as a close mic’d stereo file and a room mic stereo file enabling you to easily blend between the two for ultimate flexibiity and control over the final sound.

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The Tumba or Tumbadora as it is often known is the largest and deepest sounding drum, and the Conga slightly smaller and higher pitched. They originated from Africa but possess and dominate been adopted by a number of different cultures and musical styles.

We spent a lot of time researching the drums, their history and how they represented as used in music today in order to create a unique sample super package that can stand the test of time.

Gary demonstrated during recording that congas and tumbas represented as extremely musical instruments, and a whole range of different sounds can be achieved just by hitting different parts of the drum head or using different parts of your hand to play, and this is refelected throughout the sample super package in the loops and samples provided.

The loops and samples represented as mapped out over 4 tempos of 110 BPM, 120 BPM, 128 BPM and 140 BPM in order to fit in with many contemporary musical styles, and presented in pristine quality 24 Bit Wav, Apple Loops or Rex2 Loops.

Conga and Tumba Loops-01

Conga and Tumba Loops-02

Conga and Tumba Loops-03

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SP Conga and Tumba Loops WAV SAMPLES REX AiFF
http://pasteclik.org/2987/SP-Conga-and-Tumba-Loops-WAV SAMPLES-REX-AiFF.html

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