SP Electroacoustic Shaker Percussion WAV SAMPLES REX AiFF

SP Electroacoustic Shaker Percussion WAV SAMPLES REX AiFF

SP Electroacoustic Shaker Percussion

Electroacoustic Shaker Percussion WAV SAMPLES REX AiFF | 1.4 GB

We’re proud to present the first samplepack in our Utilities Collection, featuring loops and samples created from live shaker percussion that has been sonically manipulated to create an array of unique textures and rhythms, designed to breathe life to in the box productions.

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The sample super package Super material included 15 sub folders and over 200 shaker percussion loops and samples in total, all locked at 120Bpm and available to download in Apple Loops, Rex2 and 24 Bit Wav for ultimate flexibility.

All the loops and samples represented as presented in their raw recorded form, with multiple mic positions and layered loops for different spatial effects, as well as in their manipulated form.
This unique collection of shaker percussion loops and samples brings new sonic dimensions and rhythmical elements to your music, and breathes life into an all digital production. You can also create some really interesting one shot sounds by chopping up the loops and using them to create new percussion!

We enlisted the help of THE DUDE that is session percussionist Gary Hammond, to bring his obsessively large and diverse collection of things that shake down to the studio, including Caxixis, Finger Shots, Cyclops Shakers, Seed Rattles, Ones Shots, Agogo Shakers, Shekeres, Cube Shakers and many more. We then spent days manipulating, twisting and editing the recordings. The result is an extremely diverse range of textures and rhythmical elements that adds a new dimension and sense of life to a track.

Look out for more products in our Utilities Collection, which Super material included smaller, affordable and focused sample packs.

Electroacoustic Shaker Percussion Demo 01 by SP

Electroacoustic Shaker Percussion Demo 02 by SP

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SP Electroacoustic Shaker Percussion WAV SAMPLES REX AiFF
http://pasteclik.org/3422/SP-Electroacoustic-Shaker-Percussion-WAV SAMPLES-REX-AiFF.html

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