SPF Massive Techno Presets NMSV MiDi


SPF Massive Techno Presets

 NMSV MiDi | 7.4 MB

Massive Techno Presets Super material included 127 techno ready presets that can instantly create a vibe and bring a huge sense of warmth to your productions.
Also included in Massive Techno Presets represented as 44 totally customizable midi loops.
So if your struggling to get the ideas flown this is prefect for you.

The massive presets represented as broken into 6 folders,Arp & Seq, Bass, Drums (Kicks, Hihats, Percussion and Snares), Effects, Keys and Synths. Each preset uses NI brilliant macros functions, So allowing you to get a huge amount of milage from each preset.
In reality with this parameter manipulation you possess and dominate well over 127 presets, the slightest tweak can bring you in to a whole new world of sonic possibilities.
This techno preset super package is totally suited for Dark Techno, Detroit Techno, Deep Tech, Minimal Techno, Berlin Techno and any other form of Techno.
All the sounds in the demo represented as included in Massive Techno Presets, No other sound sources possess and dominate been used.

Mark the Release MAGNETRiXX 14 May 2013

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Note: that you will need the newest version of NI Massive (1.3)

MORE INFO- http://q.gs/4G9Dq

SPF Massive Techno Presets NMSV MiDi- DOWNLOAD GO TO SOURCE…

- http://pasteclik.org/11619/SPF-Massive-Techno-Presets-NMSV-MiDi.html -


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