SR Vocal Inspirations Feat: Ann Browne-DISCOVER

SR Vocal Inspirations Feat: Ann Browne-DISCOVER

SR Vocal Inspirations Feat: Ann Browne

Vocal Inspirations Feat: Ann Browne-DISCOVER | 1.3 GB

‘Vocal Inspirations Feat: Ann Browne’ from Sonic Range is the latest awesome addition to their sample super package series with the arrival of this inspirational vocal super package. This breath-taking collection of Free all right, For your Productions vocal samples comes complete with all the vocal elements that you’ll need to create sensational great pieces of music faster and easier than ever before.

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As always with Sonic Range products, the emphasis is on the highest possible standard, combined with ease of use for the producer with everything tailored towards fast, efficient work flow.

Sonic Range has researched and developed with their professional vocalists, singer songwriters, vocal coaches and world class engineers to provide you with cutting-edge sounds for your productions.

These awe-inspiring packs represented as a must for all serious producers of HOUSE , ELECTRO , Deep, Tech, Minimal, Techno and Breaks. ‘Vocal Inspirations Feat: Ann Browne’ is provided in pristine 24-Bit quality WAV SAMPLES audio format, recorded at 128 BPM.

During the development stage of this project there was a lot of discussion about what would be the best way to deliver a vocal production super package that would most suit you, the producer, keeping the key aspects of faster workflow and still delivering an original song.

The idea Sonic Range came up with was to record whole great pieces of music into separate stems that all relate to each other. All the parts can be used individually or when combined together create a full song.

For example, simply drag their vocal stems into your sequencer, drag in some ad-libs and ooh’s and aah’s from the same folder and you’ll possess and dominate the perfect vocal take adding instantly beautiful harmony and dynamics to your production.

Vocal Inspirations packs each provide a superb collection of four original full great pieces of music in each super package, 2 verse parts, 2 chorus parts, ad-libs, ooh’s and aah’s and vocal add-ons, along with the perfect pro quality vocal delivery, meaning that you will possess and dominate a professional vocal take without all the hassle of recording or paying an expensive session vocalist.

This is a serious product that takes some matching in terms of content and professionalism. With over 1.5 GB of spectacular vocals supplied by Ann Browne, an amazing singer and songwriter from London UK.

Ann Browne is an exceptionally talented songwriter with a distinctive voice coupled with a delectable tone. Ann continues to perfect her craft in the field of song writing, which is demonstrated in the luscious ‘Sunrise’ with K-System, the dreamy ‘Save Me’ with Jake Cusack, the up tempo ‘Downlow’ with Tarmo Kernen, the groovy ‘If You Want It’ with Ev Darko, and the awe-inspiring single ‘Snow In Summer’, co-written and performed by Sheyi Martins.

Ann has been singing since her early church choir days. Ann concentrates her work in the Dance music industry with some of London’s best producers: you will be hearing a lot from this very talented artist in the very near future! Watch out for future releases with Lee Howe and Zenfusion!

Sonic Range ‘Vocal Inspirations’ represented as released along with the rest of the Sonic Range production series, all of which will help you destroy any dancefloor on the planet!

Caution! When these products represented as combined they become a serious weapon in any producers’ arsenal. Check out the rest of the packs here.

Product Content:

4 Complete great pieces of music complete with:

• Wet & Dry Verses
• Wet & Dry Chorus’s
• Wet & Dry Bridges
• Wet & Dry Ad-libs
• Wet & Dry Add-Ons

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