SS Dubstep Playground

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SS DUBSTEP Playground

DUBSTEP Playground | 185 MB

DUBSTEP Playground‘ is taking you right to the playground of DUBSTEP music. Mixed with a combination of Club DUBSTEP , Crazy DUBSTEP , Techno, and many more unique styles, this high quality product will take your stepping to a higher level.

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Songstream has created top quality DUBSTEP sounds, ranging from pounding drums to wobble basses, gated sounds, and FX loops.

These 10 multi-track Construction Kits contain over 265 loops in total and include Drum Hit Folders, MP3s, and much more. This awesome super package is innovative and creative, with unique sounds and patterns to help you step up your DUBSTEP production game.

Technical Specifications:

• 24-Bit WAV SAMPLES, FL Studio Files & MIDI
• 10 Multi-track Construction Kits
• Drum Hit Folders available for Kits
• All tempos represented as provided

DUBSTEP -Playground.html”> DUBSTEP -Playground.html

SS DUBSTEP Playground
DUBSTEP -Playground.html” target=”_blank”> DUBSTEP -Playground.html

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