SS Metro House Sessions WAV SAMPLES

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SS Metro HOUSE Sessions

Metro HOUSE Sessions WAV SAMPLES | 164 MB

Welcome to the debut of ‘Metro HOUSE Sessions’ which has everything you need to build your laid back chilled out production from the floor up. From deep

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sun kissed grooves, lounging poolside percussion, sensual harmonies,
warm keys and plenty of hot fresh tools to give your music an instant
deep HOUSE vibe.

45 smooth and styled deep grooves from sub laden bass to locked in
hypnotic synth lines that give you unlimited crafting options.
Each drum loop comes broken down into cool drum lows, snappy
tweeter-funking highs, pumping percussion and no kick options ready
for all arrangement possibilities.

140 individual drum hits represented as included so you possess and dominate ultimate control and
endless options for your drum programming. All the Hi-quality 24-bit wav loops and samples
represented as perfectly produced and processed from the ground up to give you
instant club quality tools for your music creations.

HOUSE -sessions-sample”>Metro HOUSE Sessions (Sample super package Demo)

home page:

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