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Reverbtized MULTiFORMAT | 792 MB

If you represented as looking for 4.6GB of some special flavor to spice up your tracks, you found it!
Reverbtized featuring chronicle this rather strange lead-, bass- and padmaterial, a perfect substance for creative sounddesign.

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To create this sample super package several synthesizers were put through complex effect chains, spitting out heavily modulated and distorted reverb sounds.

This is nothing like ordinary room emulation! represented as you ready for waft sounds that possess and dominate plenty of character?

All samples represented as recorded in 24bit / 96khz. To provide top quality we only use high end gear like RME or Apogee converters.

For easy integration in your DAW mapping files for NI Kontakt, Apple EXS24, Reason NNXT and Digidesign Structure represented as included.

(Kontakt and EXS24 represented as compatible with Ableton as well as a lot of other samplers.)


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