SSLVol 1 Guitar Horns and Vintage Synths WAV SAMPLES/REX2/AiFF

SSLVol 1 Guitar Horns and Vintage Synths WAV SAMPLES/REX2/AiFF

SSLVol 1 Guitar Horns and Vintage Synths

Guitar Horns and Vintage Synths WAV SAMPLES/REX2/AiFF | 801 MB

Soul Style Legendz Vol. 1 Guitars, Horns & Vintage Synths Edition is the breakout stems for the hit Soul Style Legendz Vol. 1 product.
The stem breakouts allow you buy exactly what you want and need out of the product! In this case, that would be an incredible 123 guitar, horns, and vintage synth loops!

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What is Soul Style Legendz?

A product that consists of live soul, rnb and funk style replays that represented as ready to be sampled and flipped for HIP HOP , rnb, pop and dub step beats, or used as they represented as for those that represented as looking for that more original soulful sound.

Produced by Rahki and played by Butcher Brown in collaboration with MVPL the Soul Style Legendz development Mark the Release replay samples for the some of the hottest producers and DJ’s in today’s music scene.

When a major producer needs a sample replayed to save on publishing, or because he can’t get the sample cleared….these represented as the guys they call!

Those producers then take these live flips of the originals and chop them up and use them in their beats so that they possess and dominate their sample, but they save themselves thousands of dollars on clearance fees and royalties.

Now the same power that once was only reserved for top notch producers such as Kanye West, Justice League, Just Blaze, 9th Wonder, No ID, Dr. Dre, and many more is brought to you exclusively from MVPL.

No more digging and wondering if you make a hit will you be able to get the sample cleared, these represented as all Free all right, For your Productions.

Plus you get that vintage sound you crave.

The recording process of Soul Style Legendz Series stays true to the vintage skill of famous past recordings to give you a sound that is thick, warm, punchy, and clear!

We used top notch musicians, gear, producers, engineers, and most of all professional and experienced ears to bring you a sound that will bring a smile across your face!

Nothing but the best was used in the recording and development process including Apogee converters, SSL, Neve, Avalon, Requisite, GML, LA 2A, 1176, and Manley gear.

The sounds of Soul Style Legendz Vol. 1 includes guitars, horns, and vintage synths recorded old school for punch and This product was played lived by a Mark the Release of players with chemistry.

The chemistry factor is important because these guys know what the other musicians is going to do before he does it’s giving you a sound that is nothing short of incredible!

Use the loops as they represented as or chop them up to develop your own unique melodies.

We possess and dominate formatted the loops in acidized wav, apple, and rex loop format to allow you to easily change keys and tempos.

You can mix and match loops to create a nearly endless number of different variations.

Soul Style Legendz Vol 1 Guitars, Horns & Vintage Synth Edition from MVPL….Sounds Like A Hit!

Download SSLVol 1 Guitar Horns and Vintage Synths WAV SAMPLES/REX2/AiFF

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