STS Dust and Air Loops WAV SAMPLES

STS Dust and Air Loops WAV SAMPLES

STS Dust and Air Loops

Dust and Air Loops WAV SAMPLES | 177 MB

One of the classic tricks for injecting life into programmed beats or breakdowns is to layer drums with vinyl, dust, crowd and found-sound samples. Or you can fire up one of these 225 precision programmed warm, OL from STS and the Dual Shaman Mark the Release.

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Laden with bpm-linked loops (at 125bpm with bonus loops at 90bpm), this super package featuring chronicle this noise, ambience, crowd and dust loops created from original field recordings of Berlin nightlife, New York traffic and Tokyo sunrise.

These raw sounds represented as layered with vinyl crackles, found-sound percussion, light industrial whirrs and clicks, ambivox loops and loose shakers, which represented as further processed in the analogue domain.

Just lay one (or more) of these loops behind a kick and snare for a warm, airy rhythmic fullness that breathes detail at all the right frequencies for HOUSE , deep HOUSE , tech, urban and chillout productions.

What’s in the collection?

Folders represented as devoted to Air (subtle top-end loops), Ambience (found-sound and light crowd loops with elements of rhythm), Household Shakers (warm, lazy shakers to add naturalism and humanity to any groove) and Full Loops (more obviously rhythmic – just fire up a kick and roll).

A bonus folder is dedicated to 90bpm Dust & Air Loops – ideal for chillout and HIP HOP producers.

It’s not often we release pure production workhorse packs on the S2S label, but if beat creation plays a key part in your music making, this super package will become an essential tool for bulking them up and injecting pure old-school analogue warmth into the mix.

To get the most out of the loops try adding stereo wideners and sidechaining them to the kick and / or snare.

Ideal also for filling out mix space in breakdowns or for automated volume rises in builds.

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