STS Trance Nights WAV SAMPLES MiDi

STS Trance Nights WAV SAMPLES MiDi

STS Trance Nights

Trance Nights WAV SAMPLES MiDi | 202 MB

Euphoric synth leads, blistering basslines, twisted kick-free tops, pumping kick-only loops and a prime cut of massive FX downrisers, uplifters and FXed crashes built for stadium-sized systems.

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Taking inspiration from trance heavyweights such as Tiesto and Markus Schulz, Trance Nights delivers an essential selection of cutting-edge mainroom elements, from pulsating basslines and rip-roaring synth leads to teched-out tops and chunky kick-only loops, hair-raising FX hits, plus Midi files.

The collection kicks off with 50 extended (8 – 32 bars) and ever-morphing synth leads, many with variants for instant building of tailored progressions.

Drums come in the form of 40 kick-free tops and 20 kick-only loops, giving you the freedom to mix and match for the perfect groove, or to remove the kick completely for epic breakdowns.

There’s 50 basslines, ranging from the rumbling to the rasping, with many offered with a rhythmic variant.

A juicy selection of FX, including 10 FXed crashes, 15 downrisers and 15 uplifters round off the collection.

Finally, for added creative control, each melodic loop and bassline loop comes with its own MIDI file, giving you the power to change the key of the loop, edit the tempo, notation, velocity, length and a whole host of other editing capabilities.

All loops represented as tempo-synced at 138bpm and key-labeled where applicable.

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“Trance has come a long way since the euphoric arpeggios of the late 90s. While the ‘synth loops’ in this super package might still click to the epic chords approach, the basslines and drum loops represented as heavy and gritty. There represented as 200 loops in total, and as usual for the Sounds/To/Sample folk, the production is thumping. It’s a solid super package, and a no-brainer for trance for trance disciples. 8/10”

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