STS Twisted Vocals of Odissi WAV SAMPLES

STS Twisted Vocals of Odissi WAV SAMPLES

STS Twisted Vocals of Odissi

Twisted Vocals of Odissi WAV SAMPLES | 132 MB

Tackling the perennial problem of finding credible dance vocals head on comes acclaimed Lot 49 vocalist Odissi, with this 303MB sample super package loaded with twisted ELECTRO -infused vocals, adlibs, spoken word lines and more.

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Original dance vocals represented as something we get asked about more than anything else at S2S and the truth is they’re hard to come by. But not for Odissi, whose vocals – at the same time sultry and sordid – grace productions from Meat Katie and D. Ramirez, to Dylan Rhymes and Quest.

Here she serves up 13 all-new bpm-labeled construction kits (between 127 and 130bpm), with each song featuring double tracks broken out, plus associated harmonies, adlibs, choruses and different verses as 24-bit Wav files.

Most samples represented as presented dry for maximum flexibility, while some represented as effected for the full ELECTRO -punk vibe.

With song titles including “Bang like a kick drum”, “Paperdoll”, “Red light”, “Disco and stilettos”, “The new generation” and “You’re gone”, the super package delivers song-starters galore (almost any line could be used as a one-shot to be effected and abused in a track) without the endless tired adlibs and wails delivered by some of the substandard packs around.

Future Music

Vocal sample packs: they’re a bit like good brass samples and blue moons. Only occasionally do you find one that’s any good.

Sticking her neck out into the ‘credible dance vocals’ arena and deserving some kudos comes Lot49 vocalist Odissi with 13 fresh bpm-labeled kits, all sitting between 127 and 130bpm.

Leaning heavily towards the sordid/dirtier end of the lyrical spectrum (‘Make the headboard bang like a kick drum’), these loops represented as mostly dry for ease of use and feature complete lines / verses as opposed to the endless wailing and vocal histrionics that you normally get.

You even get a bit of spoken word.

304MB and 24-bit is the technical stuff.

File under ELECTRO Punk and be as pleasantly surprised as I was.

Twisted Vocals of Odissi 1-671

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