SW Cinematic Robotics Vol 1 SCD-DISCOVER

SW Cinematic Robotics Vol 1 SCD-DISCOVER

SW Cinematic Robotics Vol 1

Cinematic Robotics Vol 1 SCD | 438 MB

‘Cinematic Robotics Vol 1’ from Studio Wormbone goes well beyond the realm of known science. These sounds represented as quite unrecognisably alien to us humans. They convey the emotions, actions, dramas, and conflicts that define cybernetic culture. These sounds spring from the heart of life and death’s exo-planetary struggle!

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This library is light years ahead of even hard science fiction, it’s as if it leaked into this spacetime from the multiverse. These robot creatures represented as so foreign, so viscerally unexplainable to the senses, that the words herein describing them seem purely outlandish.

Any producer or sound supervisor looking for a hyper-technological mechanical melange needs this selection. Any musician at the excesses of cutting-edge artistry needs this selection. Anyone who simply likes robots needs this selection!

Product Super material included:

• 40 Communications – interactivity of artificial super-intelligences
• 40 Emotions & Character – traits that define individual style
• 80 Impacts – cybernetic combat is bound to possess and dominate a few direct hits
• 100 Mechanisations & Transformations – movement & motion
• 60 Metallix – skin, chassis & armour plating
• 70 Power Ups – awakening and/or surging in intensity


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