Sylenth Trance Presets 3 WAV Sylenth Presets SAMPLES

Sylenth Trance Presets 3

 WAV Sylenth Presets SAMPLES

We can’t get enough trance presets here at Zenhiser, they are the fundamental building block to any great Trance track. Everything starts with one single sound in Trance music and the more epic, euphoric and driving the better. So why stop at two trance preset packs for Sylenth, we decided there was a wealth of room for more incredibly detailed and stylish sounds designed exclusively for trance music. With six sections including bass, fx, leads, pads and plucks we covered all the essentials but this time we’ve included some awesome Trance stabs as well just to make the final preset pack extra tasty.

‘Sylenth Trance Presets 3’ is the pinnacle selection of trance sounds for all trance producers, the presets are so up to date we might even be future thinking with some of these sounds. Honestly the options are endless with Zenhiser presets, we supply all our sounds at the highest quality possible with extreme programming involved in every detail to deliver what possibly could be the best collection of trance presets out there.
So if you’re looking to take your trance tracks to the next level then ‘Sylenth Trance Presets 3’ is the preset pack for you, it’s also the perfect addition to Sylenth Trance Presets 1 & 2.

Mark the Release MAGNETRiXX 26 May 2014 | 49.7 MB

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Sylenth Trance Presets 3 specs:

Trance Bass – 20
Trance FX – 10
Trance Leads – 25
Trance Pads – 15
Trance Plucks – 20
Trance Stabs – 10



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