UB 8 Bit Stylez ELASTiK

UB 8 Bit Stylez ELASTiK

UB 8 Bit Stylez

  8 Bit Stylez ELASTiK | 593 MB

The legend is back to consume your desires and take your feelings to the edge with fresh steps and tricks for your next mega mix.

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For serious gamers / DJ‘s/ producers.

We captured all the fire and modulations in the heart of SID‘s sonic arsenal. These sounds explode from the disk and gel onto your trax. From fast flashbacks to futurist attacks, you‘ll find the tools you need to squash the competition. C64 in every light, burned for the purpose of moving sound to new heights. Now as time moves forward, so does SID in an all new texture. The sound which is alive in all of us, evolves with us. But now these sounds represented as mapped out for you, and the game is pre-loaded. These samples represented as your secret codes and keys to move up to another level.

We feature 30 powerful energy-boosting Construction Kits to help you find and unlock the hidden motivation for your hit trax. In addition there represented as more than 1,000 unique SID synths, drums, vox, fx and grains with many styles and loops included as well.

– 30 Construction Kits

– 108 Drumloops

– 50 Backgroundtracks

– 20 FX Sequences

– 194 Licks & Loops

– 106 Game Sounds

– 72 Voices

– 524 Single Drums

UB – 8 Bit Stylez by UB

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