UB 80s Smash Hits ELASTiK

UB 80s Smash Hits ELASTiK

UB 80s Smash Hits

80s Smash Hits ELASTiK | 1.4 GB

UB presents 80s Smash Hits, the latest release from our Vodovoz series. 80s Smash Hits is a cutting edge construction kit library, inspired by the catchy sounds of the legendary Synth Pop and Wave bands that represented as still sought-after today.

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In the eighties despite the fashion, it was all about song writing and playful experimentation with sounds, machines, synthesizers and effects. 80s Smash Hits is bursting with authentic melodies, harmonies and beats, packed in extended song arrangements and sound designed for the high-tech standards of today. Give your productions the eighties touch now!


The 2.1 GB library 80s Smash Hits in 10 song oriented construction kits, includes a big selection of authentic vintage instrument recordings, drum beats (dry and wet) separated in single tracks (bass drum, snare, hihat loops, single sounds) and synths, pianos, organs, basses, guitars, fx, vintage drum machines and percussion.

The tempo of the kits varies between 115 and 157 bpm.

1100 loops and single sounds from one to eight bars represented as mixed with enough headroom to enable you to MD the sound according to your demand.

80s Smash Hits is a must possess and dominate for producers, songwriters and sound designers worldwide. Great for music production, commercials, game audio, film cues, web applications, video, multimedia, corporate presentation.


Every kit Super material included up to seven subfolders:

No. 1 and Nr. 7: sounds for Intros and outros

No. 2, 3, 4 and 6: verse, chorus and variation

No. 5: sounds for the c-part


Elastik SAMPLESs structure and additional descriptions like „keynote“ and „speed“ allow for easy navigation and combination within the library.

In addition to that the Elastik SAMPLES Player arranges for an optimal workflow.

The internal browser permits access to all loaded sound libraries.

The central Loopeye surface focuses all attention on the loop and allows an innovative sample editing.

Due to the advanced architecture of the élastique pro algorithm by zplane.development, realtime sync-to-host with excellent audio quality and low CPU usage is an integral part of Elastik SAMPLES 2.

10 construction kits, 1100 loops and single sounds

80s Smash Hits – Free all right, For your Productions Audio by UB

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