UB Caribbean Flavors ELASTiK

UB Caribbean Flavors ELASTiK

UB Caribbean Flavors

Caribbean Flavors ELASTiK | 1.2 GB

Caribbean Flavours from the Nouvelle series is a versatile and very colourful production tool with a pristine sound which is focused on 32 live-recorded Construction Kits from the Caribbean.

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This upscale production offers many styles of the modern and traditional Latin music culture such as:



All material provides the live-emphasised essence to aid in production realism, artistry and identity. Sessions were recorded with world-class musicians from Puerto Rico, Columbia, Cuba, Venezuela and Germany.

Arrangment and ideas come from the famous musician, percussionist and Grammy Award winner Nene Vasquez; mixed and produced by Danya Vodovoz, known for his productions for Raul Paz, Mousse T and 4Hero.

The content is of great use in any music genre and can be easily integrated into any production where some Latin flavour is desired.

Give your production more coloru and inspiration with powerful and hypnotic percussion grooves, real Latin Horns and Brass solos, authentic Montuno Piano grooves, Tres, Flamenco or Latin Guitars and many other authentic Instruments and Vocal parts used in state-of-the-art Latin music.

This release Super material included nearly 2 GB of tightly played and fully arranged Latin grooves and breaks, divided into single track loops, solos and single sounds. Every Construction Kit can be easily remixed, rearranged, or merged for maximum flexibility with the included Elastik SAMPLES virtual instrument. Taste the Flavors!


Produced by Danya Vodovoz and Nene Vasquez. Ideas and arrangement by Nene Vasquez

Choirs and Vocals:

Peru: Roosevelt Blas
Espana: Miguel Sotelo, Juanillo
Venezuela: Cristobal Medina, Ely Orsini
Cuba: Santana Fernandez, Alexander Spech, Osvaldo Hernandez, Carlos Gainza


Tres Cubano: Osvaldo Hernandez
Bajo: Marcos Figger, Osvaldo Hernandez, Camilo Villa
Piano: Bruno Bohmer, Cristian Renz
Trompeta: Julito Padron, Chuky
Stirl de Leon, Ariel Flores, Javier Vasquez
Saxophone and Clarinet: David Milzow
Violin: Hajo Hoffman
Trombone: Jose Pardal
Vibes: Marc Figge
Accordion: Lazlo Gulyas
Electric Guitar: Juan David Restrepo, Mohammed Charkani Momo
Guitarra Acoustik: Roosevelt Blas, Osvaldo Hernandez, Jose Poyato
Percussion: Jaime Vasquez, Carlos Tales, Jelson Valdes, Nene Quintana


Genre: Latin
1.9 GB
1,066 Loops and Single Sounds
Elastik SAMPLES Soundbank for Mac/PC/AU/VST PLUGINS RTAS/StandAlone

Caribbean Flavors – Free all right, For your Productions Audio by UB

home page:
http://www.junodownload.com/products/caribbean-flavors-sample-super package-elastik-soundbank/1851042-02/

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