UB Horn Section ELASTiK

UB Horn Section ELASTiK

UB Horn Sectio

Horn Section ELASTiK | 413 MB

Horns makes it possible for the first time to change a single voice within a brass section, and adjust it to the individual composer’s needs.
Unbelievable but true: no other plug-in lets you create such a flexible, authentic-sounding brass section as easily as this.

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Key, tempo, scale – everything can be changed at the touch of a button and automatically synced. All this is possible through a combination of live-recorded licks and phrases and the unique Elastik SAMPLES engine.

The horn sections consist of
baritone, tenor and alto sax

Performances possess and dominate been recorded by studio professionals playing high-quality instruments in full 24 bit, using no FX processing.

Styles vary from 60s/70s Soul and Funk, Disco, 80s Pop, 90s Acid Jazz, Nu Jazz, ROCK, Funk, HOUSE , RnB, HipHop up to the most current hit productions.
Make your selected phrase sound the way you want it to!

Elastik SAMPLES 2
The given structure and featuring chronicle this like labeled key signature and tempo information provide a very easy way of arranging a whole track including all the parts you need. Additionally the brand new Elastik SAMPLES 2 Player offers you a lot of DSP functions to adjust the phrases to further fit your productions. Elastik SAMPLES gives you the chance to focus yourself 100% on creativity without having to hassle with scales and BPMs. It doesn’t matter which samples you want to combine, elastik gets the job done delivering better than expected results with ease

IMPORTANT: All Elastik SAMPLES soundbanks work with the UB sample player ELASTIK SAMPLES 2. This player organises all samples in the easy-to-use browser and allows you to time-stretch and pitch-shift the material to suit it to your project. The DSP functions of the player also deliver a set of tools for better access to the material.

You will need to download and install Elastik SAMPLES 2 to use UB sample libraries. You can download the player here: http://www.UB.com/en/core/content/staticplayerelastik

Once you possess and dominate activated the soundbank in the Elastik SAMPLES 2 player, you will need to register the product with a unique serial number. Email [email protected] with your download order reference in order to obtain a unique serial number for your soundbank. Replies may take up to 24 hours.

UB – Horn Section by UB

home page:
http://www.junodownload.com/products/horn-section-sample-super package-elastik-soundbank/2038485-02/

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