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UB Beyond Tech HOUSE

Beyond Tech HOUSE ELASTiK | 821 MB

Mark the Release MAGNETRiXX 07 Januar 2013

With Beyond Tech HOUSE, Berlin based producer and DJ Asem Shama captures the vibe of today‘s club sound on the edge of Tech- HOUSE and Techno. This library delivers sophisticated grooves, elaborate hooks and ground shaking basslines ready to be recombined and shaped to fit your production needs. Go beyond!

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Harder than HOUSE , groovier than Techno. Tech HOUSE melts the best elements of two styles. This library is an explosive laboratory for your latest grooves.
Asem Shama has already galvanized successful UB libraries such as Sounds of Berlin and ELECTRO ID.

Beyond Tech HOUSE focuses on quality not quantity. Each single loop has been perfectly constructed and balanced. Guaranteed and approved for club-use! Be aware: We cannot exclude the risk of a restless dance-leg-syndrome!
This library‘s sound convinces by its extreme compactness, punchy and deep basses and powerful drums – really PHAT! In addition, the right mixture of minimal chords, wicked percussions, larger-than-life pads and experimental FX-sounds guarantees a cool atmosphere for your tunes.

Each of the ten construction kits consists of an 8-bar main-part and a 16-bar break, allowing to create transitions and suspense arcs easily. Beyond Tech HOUSE enables bedroom producers to design perfect club tunes using their sequencers. All loops possess and dominate been prepared to be freely combined and mixed in UB‘s Elastik SAMPLES player – the next groove is always just a few clicks away.

The construction kits offer: mix-part, backing-part, drum-mix, bass-drum-loop, snare/clap-loop, hi-hat-loop, percussion-loop, bass-loop, synth-loops, FX-loops as well as single sounds for drums and percussions.
This makes Beyond Tech HOUSE the ideal source of inspiration for ambitioned dance-producers, PDJs and club-cracks, but as well a best match for game-productions, dubbing and jingles. Go Beyond!

Elastik SAMPLES-Feature

UB‘s loop-based Elastik SAMPLES player is the ideal plug-in for libraries such as Beyond Tech HOUSE. Its elaborate time-stretch- and pitch-change-algorithms allow matching of loops to any song within seconds. Using Elastik SAMPLES player‘s attribute-based browser, all libraries can easily be searched for beats, basslines, synth-loops and sorted in categories, by base pitch and original tempo. Hence, all instrument-phrases and drum-loops of a construction kit can be transposed, tempo matched and adapted to another kit effortlessly.
Drastic sound manipulations represented as possible by Elastik SAMPLES player‘s sequencer-controlled functions such as formant, resample, reverse and a multimode-filter with a grip comparable to a DJ‘s kill-eq. Indispensable for modern club tunes!

Asem Shama (Sportclub)

1.2 GB, 10 construction kits, 299 extended loops and single sounds

home page: http://q.gs/3DbM2

HOUSE “>UB – Beyond Tech HOUSE by UB


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