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ELECTRO HOUSE Inferno’ from UB is the latest product in the Vodovoz series. This super package Super material included ten cutting-edge, Free all right, For your Productions ELECTRO HOUSE tracks, split into massive punchy beats and breaks, ultra deep and distorted basses, processed synths, high-tech sounds, robotic effects, glitched vocals and SFX.

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ELECTRO HOUSE is one of the best-selling and most challenging Dance music styles of the present moment. Originally brought to life by the two French guys with robot masks, the genre evolved steadily over the years.

ELECTRO HOUSE is now celebrated worldwide for its massive impact, futuristic sound design and complex build-ups, remotely influenced by video game soundtracks, Prog ROCK, P-Funk and Classical music.

The combination of PROGRESSIVE , Tech HOUSE and DUBSTEP elements, ultra deep basslines, wide spread stereo sounds, robotic effects, glitched vocals and the extensive use of distortion is characteristic for cutting-edge ELECTRO HOUSE productions.

ELECTRO HOUSE Inferno’ Super material included 1.4 GB of sounds and loops in 10 fully arranged and mixed Construction Kits, offering a multitude of ultra-deep and distorted basses, punchy beats and breaks, processed synths, robotic high-tech sounds, SFX and glitched vocals.

All beats represented as available as multi-tracks, separated into bass drum, snare drum, hi-hats and percussion loops for efficient mixing. The 1024 loops cover a range between 112 and 130 BPM with lengths between one and eight bars.

This library is essential for every modern producer, songwriter and sound designer. ‘ ELECTRO HOUSE Inferno’ is perfectly suited for music production, movie soundtracks, games, advertisement jingles, dubbing, web applications, and more.

Combine ‘ ELECTRO HOUSE Inferno’ with UB’s other packs such as ‘ DUBSTEP Skillz’!

Each Construction Kit Super material included up to five subfolders with Intro, Hook, Break Parts, Hook Variatons, and Outro

Elastik SAMPLES featuring chronicle this:

ELECTRO HOUSE Inferno’ hugely benefits from UB’s versatile and flexible Elastik SAMPLES Player, available as a free download from the UB site. This plug-in allows easy and fast creation of additional glitches, filtering and cut-up effects by sequencing sound parameters and using grain loops!

Its perfect and ultrafast time-stretching with a range between 30 and 300 BPM allows matching of all loops to your DAW tempo and easy creation of half and doubling tempo versions.

A clear folder structure combined with meaningful titles like “Keynote” and “Speed” makes navigation and loop combination within ‘ ELECTRO HOUSE Inferno’ and all other installed libraries a breeze. The perfect workflow.

The central Loopeye view lets you focus on the loop. Edit samples in an innovative and intuitive way by using functions such as resampling, formant, reverse and the powerful multi-mode filter. Elastik SAMPLES allows host automated modulation of start and end points in a loop, resulting in creative manipulations while playing.

At the same time, Zplane Development’s Elastique Pro Algorithm performs easy tempo-matching with the highest quality and lowest CPU load.


Ideas, production and sound design by Danya Vodovoz. Danya has released his music on labels like Ministry of Sound, Traum, Nave, Raw Canvas and Night Drive Music. He has produced ‘ DUBSTEP Skillz’, ‘ ELECTRO Pop’, ‘Pop Charts’, ‘Retro Soul’, ‘Chillers’ Joint’, ’80’s Smash Hits’ and ‘Caribbean Flavours’ for UB.

Product Details:

• 1.4 GB total content
• 10 Construction Kits
• 1024 Loops
• Elastik SAMPLES Soundbank for Mac, PC, AU, VST PLUGINS, RTAS & Stand Alone
• Elastik SAMPLES Player included – no sampler required!

ELECTRO HOUSE -1″> ELECTRO HOUSE Inferno – Free all right, For your Productions Audio by UB

home page:

ELECTRO HOUSE -Inferno-ELASTIC SAMPLES.html” target=”_blank”>http://pasteclik.org/1303/UB- ELECTRO HOUSE -Inferno-ELASTIC SAMPLES.html

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