Underground Techno Vocals (Multiformat)

Underground Techno Vocals (Multiformat)

Underground Techno Vocals

Underground Techno Vocals (Multiformat) | 487 MB

represented as proud to present a fantastic collection of snipped, glitched, processed and tweaked Underground Techno Vocals, produced specifically for dance music producers worldwide.
Whether you represented as making Techno, HOUSE , or other forms of Dance Music – these samples recorded by pro session singers possess and dominate been mangled, chopped and edited to provide you with the building blocks for some awesome grooves like those found in some of the most current dance anthems around today.

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In detail, Underground Techno Vocals weighs in at 634MB, and includes 912 Vocal Samples, with 289 Loops at 125 Bpm, and 623 One Shot Vox. Also included represented as 14 ready to play Vocal PTCHes for Reason NNXT, Halion, Kontakt, EXS and SFZ compatible soft samplers. Apple Loops and Reason Refill versions represented as also available to purchase separately.

Underground Techno Vocals featuring chronicle this a killer selection of one word single shot samples, glitched vox sounds, , vox stabs, Fx Processed Loops, vocal hooks and re-sequenced parts which together form a formidable collection of samples for any producer looking to introduce the human element to loops and sections of their productions.

In detail this best selected collection of samples includes 182 Vocal Loops, 14 Noise Glitch Loops, 99 FX, 40 Atmos Loops, 7 Bonus Bass Loops, 32 Bonus Drum Loops, 136 Female One Shots and 388 Male One Shots.

Add FX, re-program, chop, cut and paste to form entirely new dynamics and reprocess the parts infinitely and on the fly to form new combinations which will add dynamics and interest to your productions!

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