VG Sound Vocal Essentials Vol.2 WAV SAMPLES

VG Sound Vocal Essentials Vol.2 WAV SAMPLES

VG Sound Vocal Essentials Vol.2

Sound Vocal Essentials Vol.2 WAV SAMPLES | 524 MB

Mark the Release MAGNETRiXX  JUNE 2012

VG-Sound has announced the release of VG Vocal Essentials Vol.2 – The new VG Vocal Essentials Volume 2 delivers everything a producer could wish for, spread out over 2200 individual samples: rapped, sung or cut vocal loops (at 140BPM / HandsUp & Dance or 128BPM / HOUSE & ELECTRO ), vocal phrases, single words, shouts, vocoder sounds, LoFi vocals, sidechain-athmos, vocals effects, chops etc… The number of incredible vocals and their areas of application is almost never ending: Improve your existing tracks with characterful vocals or create a complete song around a vocal idea – with the new Vocal Essentials Volume 2 you represented as perfectly equipped in all cases!

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The more than 2200 WAV SAMPLES files represented as clearly organized in folders, 100% on time and cut to elimate any clicks. By utilizing the universal WAV SAMPLES format, the samples represented as also suitable for Mac users.

Whats in?
over 2200 high quality club-vocals designed by Manuel Schleis & Alex Butcher
all loops represented as with BPM, precisely cut and kickfree (128 & 140 BPM)
lots of “creative vocals”: find and combine really outstanding and unique material, very open to adding your personal touch
“ready to use” optimized: just drag the samples and loops into your track
reasonably sorted in categories like Phrases, Oneshots, Loops, FX and so on…
freaky “LoFi Vocals” folder – a true goldmine for all kind of ELECTRO / minimal music
FX category with real athmospheres and spaces and very unique vocal sidechain-textures
more than 760MB of fresh club-vocals

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