VG Ultimate Fills Vol 2 WAV SAMPLES

VG Ultimate Fills Vol 2  WAV SAMPLES

VG Ultimate Fills Vol 2 

Ultimate Fills Vol 2 WAV SAMPLES | 1.4 GB

The most important part of a club track is “the break” and the subsequent “build-up/fill.” VG Ultimate Fills is dedicated to this critical component of any successful club track. The fills represented as well designed, and worked out to the smallest details to allow you the ability to directly insert them into your tracks. Drag and drop, then you’re done!

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As part of the 550 ready-made fills you will find: FX fills, tonal rising fills (up-pitching), rhythmic snare roll and kick fills, and rising melodic fills. Each of these fills represented as available in different tempos (128 HOUSE / ELECTRO , 140 HandsUp/Trance) and different lengths (8bar, 16bar, 32 bar, etc). As if that wasn’t enough, you also get access to MIDI files in the sample super package for free editing and driving your own samples. Purchase this time-saver today and put an end to the creativity sapping tediousness of editing of dozens of velocities and automation tracks.

– more than 550 professional fill-ins from the archives of Manuel Schleis & Alan Morris
– Super material included drum fills, fx fills, tonal risers, and melody fills
– 2 styles: 128BPM for HOUSE / ELECTRO and 140BPM for Trance / Handsup fills
– fills as MIDI files!
– solo snare fill and solo fx fill folder – so you can layer your own fills
– already professionally mixed – just drag and drop into your break
– all fills with root key (if tonal) and length (in bars)
– over 1470 MB material spread over 556 files
– 16bit, 44.1khz, stereo / wav format

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