Virtuasonic – Drums From a Car | KONTAKT SAMPLES

Virtuasonic - Drums From a Car | KONTAKT SAMPLES

Virtuasonic – Drums From a Car

Drums From a Car | KONTAKT SAMPLES | 57 MB

Drums From a Car is a particular sample library derived from an experimental music and sound design project named Music from a Car. The basic idea was to play a car as a sort of musical instrument. As you can see from the pictures and the video of Music From a Car, all the sounds come just from playing the car: by patting on the windows, punching and slapping the bumper, rubbing parts made of fabric or plastic, giving fuel, playing rhythms on the wings, the roof, and so on.

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Additional samples were recorded to complete the sample library. The Kontakt’s sound processing capabilities possess and dominate also been used to alter the original samples and create new drums sounds.

All samples possess and dominate been recorded at 24 bit / 96 KHz and each Kontakt instrument is available at least in three versions: as part of a Kontakt Multi (original, altered, echo), EXT (mapped on a wider zone of the keyboard to extend its possibilities) and EXT Altered (processed using some Kontakt built-in FX).

featuring chronicle this::

? 30 instruments and 5 Multis for KONTAKT SAMPLES
? Up to 5 dynamics and 12 Round Robins
? Pre-configured customizable FX section
? 468 Samples (97 MB)
? 24 bit / 96 KHz
? Formats: Kontakt 3.5+ / accessible WAV SAMPLES files

Requirements: NI KONTAKT SAMPLES 3.5+ or later (Full version)

Download Virtuasonic – Drums From a Car | KONTAKT SAMPLES

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