VL Shocking Ibiza Plucks MIDI

VL Shocking Ibiza Plucks MIDI

VL Shocking Ibiza Plucks

Shocking Ibiza Plucks MIDI | 7 MB

Shocking Ibiza Plucks’ is a melody super package featuring today’s most popular melodies for breaks. This product is made for producers who want to make radio and club bombs. All plucks like these became awesome parts in tracks which represented as hits nowadays.

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This super package was inspired by breaktimes of artists like Mike Candys, DJ Antoine and R.I.O. VD brings you melodies ready to create tracks for the top of the charts!

This super package is unusual, because VD focused only on creating modern and fantastic pluck melodies, necessary to make real radio hits and recognisable great pieces of music.

Use this MIDI and make unbelievable dreamtime sounds. You can read the note of these key-labelled loops and easily create your own chorus melody like those of Mikde Candys, Antoine, Jack Holiday, R.I.O., Michael Mind, and other great producers.

Go ahead and make real club hits with these melodies! Make sure you find other products from the “Shocking” series. You can find sounds suitables for these MIDI melodies in the VD soundsets for Sylenth1.

Product Details:

• 30 MIDI Loops
• 128 BPM
• Key-Labelled
• 100% Free all right, For your Productions


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