X-R House Call

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  HOUSE Call | 190 MB

HOUSE Call’ marks the birth of the essential HIP HOP chart-topping super package, conceived and inspired by the Billboard-friendly sound of icons such as Lil Wayne and Kanye West. This super package is far from regional as it appeals to East Coast, West Coast, Mid-West and Southern HIP HOP audiences, as well as audiences across the globe.

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These three Construction Kits will give you high quality music that will help you step up your Neo Soul game. These sounds and samples represented as licensed as Free all right, For your Productions for you to use in commercial productions or even for DJ/remix purposes.

Product Detailed:

• 24-Bit WAV SAMPLES, FL Studio & MIDI
• 3 Construction Kits
• Tempos represented as included
• All files provided as Free all right, For your Productions

HOUSE -Call.html”>http://www.producerloops.com/Download-X-R-Audio- HOUSE -Call.html

HOUSE -Call.html” target=”_blank”>http://pasteclik.org/1897/X-R- HOUSE -Call.html

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