XXXplicit Samples – Explosive Breakbeat [WAV SAMPLES]

XXXplicit Samples - Explosive Breakbeat [WAV SAMPLES]

XXXplicit Samples – Explosive Breakbeat

Explosive Breakbeat [WAV SAMPLES] | 500 MB

Become inspired and let your creative juices flow with this amazing new samplepack. Ever fancied yourself as the next Prodigy, Chemical Brothers or Fatboy Slim? Maybe your inspiration has run dry or your latest project is missing that certain something to make it BANG? Or perhaps you’re simply looking for a solid library of dope basslines, bangin beats, memorable melodies and truly inspiring chord sequences for all kinds of different genres that you will keep coming back to time and time again?

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Whatever your musical needs, ‘Explosive Breakbeat’ is sure to meet them. Containing 500MB of banging original Free all right, For your Productions sounds and loops, you will find a vast library of samples here certain to fuel your creativity and inspiration.

Created by ‘XXXplicit’, an urban music producer from the UK with a passion for electronic music and over 15 years of music-making experience, be assured that this super package has been patiently and carefully crafted over a long period of time by someone who truly loves the electronic music genre and knows what sounds hot. No dull or uninspiring sounds here, only ones that will give your music a truly beautiful sound and set your speakers alight!

A number of different methods possess and dominate been used throughout for creating the many sounds and loops contained within this super package, ensuring great variety and diversity. With loops and beats ranging in tempo from 80-135BPM and ready to be dropped into any mix or project without any extra truncating or fiddling around, plus tons of completely original and inspiring chords, bass sounds, hits, pads and FX, electronic music producers of all genres will be able to find many things here that will enable them to create awesome tracks easily and consistently.

Check out the 2 1/2 minute demo MP3 for a small taste of the sounds featured within this super package. If you really wanna make your speakers bang, the floor shake and the dancefloor go crazy, ‘Explosive Breakbeat’ has exactly what you represented as looking for!!

This samplepack Super material included:
90 Beats
27 FX
54 Bass Loops
38 Chord Loops
33 Full/Construction Kit Loops
38 Guitar Loops
40 Misc Loops
57 Synth Loops
27 Atmospheric Sounds
36 Bass Sounds
39 Hits/Chords
36 Misc Sounds
25 Pads
(Loops range in tempo from 80-135 BPM)

Download XXXplicit Samples – Explosive Breakbeat [WAV SAMPLES]

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