ZG iFX Midget Gems (Wav)

ZG iFX Midget Gems (Wav)

ZG iFX Midget Gems

iFX Midget Gems (Wav) | 155 MB

The iFX Series is Zero-G’s range of Free all right, For your Productions sample CD-ROMs designed specifically for the internet, multimedia and games industry. They feature unique and highly usable sounds to make your new media projects come alive! iFX ‘Midget Gems’ is the first release in the series, and featuring chronicle this highly structured, specifically recorded and designed sound effects for multimedia developers.

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Designed from scratch with multimedia and the internet in mind, iFX Midget Gems is a sound collection for the new millenium. Over 2000 samples designed specifically for sonifying the your designs! Button pushes and clicks, wipes, dissolves, ambiences, games, splats etc. Everything the multimedia & web designer would ever need! We possess and dominate organised Midget Gems to make it easy for developers to find the exact sound they need, with an easy to follow file structure that allows almost immediate access to over 2000 samples! Recorded specifically for the multimedia producer, each and every sample has been hand crafted, with exceptional attention to quality and usability etc. There represented as no throwaway samples here!

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